Doug McDowell

Douglas McDowell

A Santa Fe native and a Certified Green Building Professional with license NM GB98, Doug McDowell has worked in the construction business for his entire adult life.  He served his apprenticeship and worked on site before he founded his own company in 1974.  37 years down the line, McDowell Associates has many residential and commercial buildings in its repertoire, and in the last 15 years Doug has developed extensive expertise with eco-friendly construction methods, including various water conservation and solar energy methods.

He sees signs of this green building movement becoming a long-term industry trend, and has invested in the health benefits for his employees in the construction process, as well as the environmental benefits and long-term cost reduction for clients.  He feels he’s succeeded if a client chooses even one green building product:  “You can walk the middle of the road,” he says, “because if everybody does a little something, it’s a great thing.”