Growth is a fact. We need to embrace the reality of growth and decide if it will be uncontrolled or sustainable and intelligent. This is a change in thinking and lifestyle.

“Growth is a reality, a truth, an inevitability. The question…. is whether this country’s growth will be rampant, rapid and reckless, or smart, strong and sustainable.”
As a designer and builder I ask myself,
What do I want to see in my lifetime?
What are my goals monetarily and for the good of the community and the environment?
What do I want to see for my children, my grandchildren and beyond?
Responsible design and development practices and stewardship doesn’t just apply to the land. I can be an activity in your environment or an involvement in your community or workplace. Everyone can do this in his or her own way.

Better is the New Bigger

MFH made a commitment many years ago to position the company at the forefront of the home building industry by building new homes to be NM Green Build Certified. The move was not in response to client requests – there was zero demand. Doug McDowell wanted to build green because it is the right thing to do.

With the correction in the market in 2008, Doug took a hard look at what the underlying message of the times was. He saw change in people’s lifestyles and values taking place across the board and with this message in hand decided to move forward with the development of Las Placitas Compound. The basic concept was, “right-sized” homes, universal design, and responsible construction techniques.

The project proofed to be extremely popular and all units were pre-sold. The message was clear.

Designing and building responsible homes in in a historically regulated neighborhood is not just possible but pleasing, comfortable and marketable. People do want to make a difference!

The MFH Focus in Designing and Building Green Responsible Homes

In designing and building green homes, MFH places an emphasis on energy and water efficiency, use of resources, and innovative design. Buyers of their green homes can save on energy and water bills while living in a cleaner, healthier indoor environment. Working as a team the buyers, clients, and MFH help sustain the environment for future generations.

Responsible Building